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Strand ES21 Dimmer Strip

The dimmer strips feature quiet convection cooled IGBT dimming for low lamp noise and reliable operation. These modular raceways are assembled to order with a choice of any combination of 3 power modules.

The IGBT dimmer module features an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor power device that works in tandem with a dedicated microprocessor to control almost any type of lighting load required. The relay module features two switched circuits each with a DMX output designed to power range of LED lighting luminaires and automated sources. Each relay can be individually controlled to “Power down” the lighting rig when it is not in use.

The ES21 DIMMER STRIP is ideal for smaller systems and may be used in any facility or situation that does not have space for conventional dimmer racks, or where relayed and constant power is required. The ES21 DIMMER STRIP is easy to install and can be fed from standard breaker panels.