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Service, repair, or upgrade your Lighting Controls & Design lighting control systems.  We offer free, helpful, knowledgeable technical support.  

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Lighting Control & Design (LC&D) offers practical hardware and software solutions ranging from switching and dimming relay panels and fixture modules to versatile floor plan software and building automation interfaces. Systems are digital and scalable, eliminating the need for complex choices about which “level” of system to use. Its lighting control systems are designed for easy specification, installation, programming and use.

Lighting Control & Design, Inc. manufactures digital lighting controls and software for building owners and engineering community in the United States. It offers control panels, including master and slave, replaces contactor, and normal and emergency panels, as well as accessories, and switches and photo sensors. The company also provides Unity, a lighting control software that designs, programs, and manages lighting controls; Unity GX, a graphical lighting control; and DataLogger that schedules lamp changes based on usage and life expectancy. Its products have applications in commercial buildings, parking lots and structures, specialty retailers, restaurants, high-rise buildings, and schools.

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