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Everything You Need to Know About
Audio-Technica Turntables.

What's a 3-speed turntable? What's the difference between Standard, USB, and Bluetooth turntables? Do I need speakers? How do I set-up my turntable? Get all of your pressing questions answered here.

Integrating Wall Control Stations with a DMX Capable Lighting Console

Find out more about the Y option and the I option for integrating wall control stations with a DMX capable lighting console. Plus a complete equipment list to do this.

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Protect the Sea Turtles From Harsh Light With Lee 821

Stay in compliance with Florida regulations to protect sea turtles from harsh lighting by using a Lee Filters 821 UV Gel Sheet to block harmful rays.

How To Choose a Microphone

Read expert tips about finding the perfect microphone for your application.  Think about the application, connection, level of need, and other factors.

Finding an ETC S4WRD Retrofit Kit with the Most Light Output (Lumens).

To determine which ETC S4WRD is best for your application, you will need to understand the amount of light output (lumens), the color rendering index, and the color temperature.



This cost-saving retrofit of a MicroLite system

is easy to install, earth-friendly, reduces down time,

and upgrades technology.

Convert to LED

Cost Savings of
LEDs over Incandescents

Are you considering the replacement of your traditional light bulbs (lamps) with an LED replacement lamp? If so, there are several things that you want to consider about the replacement LED lamps. One of the most important things to understand is how much money you will save if you switch to an LED lamp versus remaining with a traditional quartz incandescent lamp, especially over a life-time of use.

Everything You Need to Know About Gel Sheets

Learn everything you need to know about lighting gel sheets from their dimensions, available colors, uses, thickness, ways to cut and attach.

Important Things To Consider When Upgrading to LED Stage Lighting

Many of our customers are considering switching from traditional stage lighting fixtures over to more energy efficient LED stage lighting fixtures. The questions that we most frequently discuss have to do with the benefits and cost savings of moving over to LED stage lighting fixtures as well as what equipment and firms are best.


A common problem that we run into within our industry is when a customer wants to replace their existing incandescent lamps with new highly efficient LED lamps and/or lighting fixtures. When they change out all of their LED Lamps and/or lighting fixtures and then turn them on, they often find them flickering.

Common Issues With LED Lamps & Dimming.

We often receive calls from clients stating that they have installed new LED bulbs into their commercial, institutional, or theatrical (non-residential) lighting control systems and they can no longer dim the LED bulbs properly. Are you having issues dimming your LED lamps? What are some of the items you should consider when installing LED lamps into your dimming system? How can you test for LED lamp compatibility with your dimming system? Why do forward phase and reverse phase dimming matter? Here are some of our conversations around why your LED bulbs might not be integrating properly into your lighting system.Text


Using LED Lamps to Convert Traditional Stage Fixtures to LED

Can I just put an LED lamp/driver in my traditional stage light, instead of purchasing a brand new LED stage light?

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Convert Dimmable House Lights to LEDs

What is the problem with taking a lamp that says "dimmable" and installing it in house lighting fixutres?

Options for Integrating LEDS into
an Existing Dimming System

Non-Dims versus Constant Modules? What's the best way to integrate LEDs without replacing my dimming system?

Macro Electronics Dimming

Where did they go?

Learn more about Macro Electronics Systems

and how to get service on them now.

Flo Tubes

Use Flourescent Sleeves for Convenience, Warmth & Design