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  • We specialize in retrofits of dimming systems (Colortran, Strand, EDI)
  • We specialize in retrofits of relay systems (Microlite, ILC, Wattstopper, GE, Douglas & PCI)
  • We can also retrofit just about any type of lighting control system to suit your needs
  • We can also help with LED UPGRADES, CONVERSIONS & RETROFITS.

See what Retrofit Magazine has to say about our work upgrading Heinz Field from MicroLite 1000 to ILC LightLEEDer.

  • Want to replace your traditional stage lighting fixtures with LED lighting fixtures?
  • Want to convert from incandescent house lighting to LED house lighting?
  • Looking to replace or upgrade your dimming system (Colortran, Strand, EDI, etc.)
  • Call us now at 1-866-457-5937 to discuss.  

Click the following link to review Microlite Retrofit Advantages.

Click here to watch a video of the Retrofit in action.

  • Retrofit your Microlite system with ILC LightLEEDer system!
  • Are you looking to replace your Microlite relay panels with a system that is currently manufactured.
  • We have your fix (check out our Heinz Field Case Study)!
  • Click on the image below for .PDF documentation:

We offer a field-tested retrofit package for aging Microlite systems as well as GE, ILC LightMaster, Wattstopper and more. Please contact us at for details. Microlite and other relay systems can now be updated with the ILC LightLEEDer Drop-In Retrofit. The ILC systems are currently manufactured in the USA and update all technology with new components without having to remove the physical enclosure, conduit, or wiring from your existing system. The ILC Retrofit also provides for compatibility with operating systems up through Windows 10, as well as control via Android and Apple devices.   

ILC LightLEEDer for Microlite - Retrofit Conversion Process
ILC LightLEEDer Retrofit for Microlite - Overview and Specifications
ILC LightLEEDer for Microlite - Retrofit Instructions for controllable breakers
ILC LightLEEDer for Microlite - Retrofit Instructions for relays

->Relay Retrofit (Microlite, GE, etc.) Request Form

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