Hubbell LX

hubbell-lx-cropped.pngTake control of your entire building's lighting with the LX™ Networked Lighting Control System. The LX series is a network of expandable and modular relay panels, sensors and switches connected by a simple, two wire communication network. Expandable from a single floor to an entire building, the LX series includes an intuitive programming interface, touch-screen tablet and remote access via LAN and Internet.

  • Hubbell LX LXPSCMFT

    Hubbell LX LXPSCMFT Control Module

    Hubbell LX LXPSCMFT The LX Photo Sensor and Control Module provides a convenient method of turning lighting circuits on and off in response to natural light. With 6 individually programmable on and off set points, this device can control multiple...

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    Hubbell LX Occupancy Sensor

    Hubbell LX Occupancy Sensor by Hubbell Control Solutions  Collection Name: LX Lighting Control Panel System The LX Occupancy Sensor is a LonMark ® certified device that represents the state-of-the-art in sensor technology...

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