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LC&D GR 2400

The GR 2400 system is a 100% digital solution to lighting control. Panels and switches daisy-chain together, using Cat. 5 patch cable with RJ45 connectors in any sequence. Up to 127 total devices.


  • 32-channel, 365-day/astronomical time clock. Large display (21 x 8 characters) acts as programming interface for the entire system. Non-volatile memory holds all programming indefinitely. Ten-year battery back-up for time-of-day.
  • Modem includes free lifetime factory programming
  • May control mixed voltages (i.e., 120 V, 277 V)
  • May control normal or emergency power
  • Ideal for all applications
  • Manual override of individual relays, zones or entire panel
  • Link up to 127 addresses of digital devices via Cat. 5 patch cable with RJ45 connectors

We can help you troubleshoot and fix your LC&D GR2400 system!  Give us a call for some FREE phone support at 866-457-5937.

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