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Field Service

Schedule a field service visit on your lighting control system today!  

Call us at 1-866-457-5937 or email us at for an estimate for a field service visit on your lighting control system!    schedule-a-visit.jpg      lm-group-sm.jpgsensor3-230v-installracks2.jpg

We are based out of the Akron, Ohio area.  We routinely service systems in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Illinois, and New York.  Our technicians travel throughout the USA to service lighting control systems.

We most frequently work on the following lines of lighting control systems:

  • Colortran ENR Dimming
  • Colortran i Series & i Series E Dimming
  • Colortran Viewpoint Architectural Control
  • ETC DR12 
  • ETC Sensor
  • ETC Unison
  • Hubbell Relay Systems
  • ILC Apprentice
  • ILC LightMaster
  • ILC LightSync
  • Johnson Systems
  • Lee Colortran
  • Leprecon
  • Leviton A2000 Dimming
  • Leviton D8000 Stations
  • Leviton Greenmax Relay Systems
  • Leviton Macro 
  • Leviton Topaz Dimming
  • Leviton ZMax Relay Systems
  • Leviton ZMax+ Relay Systems
  • Leviton GreenMax Relay Systems
  • LumiSys
  • Macro Electronics
  • Microlite 1000 Relay Systems
  • Microlite 600 Relay Systems
  • Microlite 100 Relay Systems
  • NSI Dimming and Control Stations
  • PCI ControlKeeper, LiteKeeper, DMXKeeper, SwitchKeeper & GreenGate
  • Strand CD80 Supervisor Dimmer Racks & Packs
  • Strand Outlook
  • Strand Environ Dimmers
  • Strand Environ 2 Dimmers
  • Wattstopper Relay Systems

We will need the following information from you:

  • Make and model of lighting control system
  • System issues
  • Suspected broken or bad parts
  • Organization name and address
  • Physical system location within the facility
  • Site contact name, email and phone number
  • Times of day/days of week when system can be serviced without interrupting your daily building operations
  • Urgency of the field service visit


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