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Want a quote for new lighting control, theatrical lighting, or pro sound?  

Please see below for forms that may allow us to provide you with useful information for a new system or product.  Please include your job name and job address on the forms.

Wireless Systems - Do you need to replace your D-Band (600mhZ) wireless due to the new FCC ruling?  Fill out the form to find out.  Hurry! Rebates will only last for another 6 months to 1 year (depending on manufacturer). (Transition from 2018-2020.)

Lighting Console - Switching to LED?  Upgrading to moving/intelligent fixtures?  Is your board over 20 years old?  Fill out the form to find out which NEW lighting console may work best for you!

Microlite Retrofit - Looking to retrofit your old Microlite system?  Please fill out the form so we may provide you with a quote!

Canto Retrofit - Information needed to provide a custom quote to retrofit your fixtures to energy-saving Canto LED's.

New Year Checklist - Use this form to plan for your year ahead.  Recommended for schools, churches and theatres.

Schedule a Visit - Exhausted every option, including our FREE phone support?  Our techs travel throughout the country (and even internationally) to fix systems.  Fill out the form to receive an estimate for a service visit.  (Note: Pricing for field service is dependent on location/distance, system complexity and parts.  A down payment and/or credit card are required to schedule a visit.  Thank you!)

Request a Quote - Need more than just a part or two?  Use this form so we may assist you with more complex estimates.  You can always call us toll-free at 1-866-457-5937 if you have questions!