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ETC Unison Sohrana

ETC Unison Sohrana Line Voltage Occupancy Sensors

Sohrana Line Voltage Occupancy Sensors

The Unison Sohrana family of line voltage occupancy sensors provide control in areas that may not require advanced systems but still need to meet energy code requirements. Areas such as bathrooms, closets, or other isolated spaces can benefit from these stand-alone sensors. Sohrana line voltage occupancy sensors are available in Ceiling-Mount or Switch-Mount models.

Sohrana Switch-Mount sensors are available in a variety of options including: PIR or Dual Tech, one‑pole or two‑pole, and they’re even available in a 0-10 V dimming model. The Switch-Mount sensor normally operates as an occupancy sensor but can be configured as a vacancy detector (manual on/auto-off) as well, for even more flexibility. And even though your space may be out of the way it will still look good with a snap-on faceplate and support for custom third-party style faceplates. Plus, the sensors save customers even more money with an internal light detector. If a space’s ambient light is higher than the threshold (set by the customer) then the Switch-Mount Sensor will keep fixtures off and to save energy and money.

Sohrana Ceiling-Mount Sensors offer 360°, quad-element infrared sensing and a single-pole relay for switching loads on or off. They are available with Small Room (two times installed sensor height) or Large Room (six times installed sensor height) lenses to fit any space. The Ceiling-Mount sensor also includes an ambient light sensor to save even more money for users. They are compatible with standard ceiling-mount back boxes.