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System Commissioning

"I would just like to say thank you to you and your company for working with me on the scheduling and completion of the Lighting Controls. You and your team were very helpful and easy to work with which was a blessing.  So thank you!" - Justin K., Weekes Construction - July 2017 

Call us at 1-866-457-5937 for information regarding system commissionings services on a variety of different lighting control systems,

Knight Sound & Lighting is factory certified to start-up a variety of lighting systems, including:

  • Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) (Dimming & Control)
  • Hubbell Control Solutions (Relay & Energy Management)
  • Intelligent Lighting Controls (ILC) (Relay & Energy Management)
  • Leviton (Dimming and Relay) (A2000, D4200, Z-Max, EZMax, GreenMax)
  • Lumisys
  • Wattstopper

System commissioning is also known as system energergization and sytem start-up. This is when a brand new lighting control system is activated for use within a facility.


Dimming Systems are traditional theatrical/architectural systems.
These systems often include dimmer racks, wall stations and/or a theatrical lighting control console. A start-up for this type of system may involve system check-out & testing, wire terminations, basic programming of the wall control stations and training. If a console is present, the training sessions can run over 4 hours.

Relay Systems are energy efficient systems which often integrate with building automation systems (BAS).
For this type of system, the contractor MUST provide a relay schedule in advance of the start-up. This means providing relay names, time programming information and details regarding circuits, switches, photocells and occupancy sensors.  

This type of start-up may include system check-out & testing, programming of the relay system and training. In many cases, the programming will be done in advance (using the information provided by the contractor) and simply loaded into the system during the technician’s visit.

Please allow a minimum lead time of 3 to 4 weeks for scheduling your system commissioning project dates.
We work with a variety of clients all over the world. Each job is very important to us, but they must be handled in the order they are received. The major lighting controls manufacturers also request a 3 week minimum lead time.  Dates scheduled in under 3 weeks often carry a heavy and necessary “expedite fee.”

Provide Thorough Project Information
Although contractors may have been working on a project for months, the system commissioning forms we receive are the first and only information we have. Please provide thorough, legible and complete information:

  • Facility name, address, and location of system within the facility
  • Proper contact information (company names and contacts; project managers; job site foreman; phone; email)
  • Information pertinent to the system (missing parts, changes to the Bill of Materials, additions or deletions, training times, etc.).  
  • Relay schedule including relay names, time programming information and details regarding circuits, switches, photocells and occupancy sensors.
  • Confirmation of the Bill of Materials 

Please note that by gathering all necessary information in advance of the system commissioning dates, we have a high success rate of getting systems on-line during the initial system commissioning date. Manufacturers generally only include one system commissioning date with the new lighting control system. For this reason, it's in everyone's best interest to make sure that all necessary information is provided prior to the system commissioning date. 

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