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Welcome to Knight Sound & Lighting. We're Glad You Are Here. Meet Your Friendly TechSperts.

Knight Sound & Lighting has specialized in commercial lighting controls, theatrical lighting and professional sound systems since 1989. We have a team of technicians who travel the US working on system energizations, installations, retrofits, programming, field service, and preventative maintenance. We pride ourselves in great technical knowledge and friendly customer service. Since we work in the field with the products we sell, we know our product line very well.  

We work predominantly with places of education (schools, universities), places of worship (churches, synagogues), theatres, electrical contractors, other lighting firms, businesses, museums, libraries, stadiums & arenas, government entities, and directly with consumers.

We offer more than 40,000 products in 700 different categories from 55 sound and lighting brands. Our major product lines are commercial lighting controls, theatrical lighting, and professional sound.

We are based out of the Akron, Ohio area.

Meet Your Friendly TechSperts:

Our Team: 

Mark Knight  Heather KnightStacy KnightMatthew KnightEd Gurski

Lisa HardinChris Edwards Jeff Whitacre   Tristan Hils phil-herman-goknight.png

Our Purpose:

This is why you should choose Knight Sound & Lighting:

  • Free, insightful technical phone support
  • Friendly, helpful, responsive customer service
  • Authorized dealership, sales & service agency 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast, free shipping
  • Superior technical knowledge 
  • Easy return policy

Our Services: is the webstore for Knight Sound & Lighting. Knight Sound & Lighting was established in 1989 primarily as a field service, system commissioning, installation, and production company working with intelligent lighting systems and sound systems. Our technical services division works most frequently with institutional customers, such as schools, churches, colleges, museums, theatres, libraries, sport arenas, businesses, and the like. Over the last 30 years, we have worked in the field with thousands of customers within the USA as well as many countries internationally. This cumulative experience has provided our technicians and our office staff with a great depth of knowledge on a wide array of sound and lighting products.  

Our Unique Value Proposition:

We believe that we are a bit unique compared to the typical sales company - that's because we don't just sell products. We are out in the field, on a daily basis, installing, programming, testing, servicing, repairing and training on sound and lighting systems. We know from experience which products will work in which situations. We can help with product selection, can help troubleshoot technical issues, and can be scheduled for a field service visit - if you should have the need.  

We are an authorized dealership for all of the products that we sell. It's important to purchase your products through an authorized dealer as it will ensure that you are receiving a legitimate, authentic product and will also provide you with any applicable manufacturer provided warranties.  

Our Brands:

Knight Sound & Lighting strives to provide you with exceptional customer service on great products at very good prices. We pride ourselves on our level of honesty, technical knowledge, and customer service. Please call us at 330-940-4078 or 1-866-4KSL-YES with any questions.


Our History:

And, for those of you that are interested, here is a bit of our history from our founding days:

Think middle school stage crew. Our founder, Mark Knight, developed a passion for sound and lighting, theatres and production work as a very young man.  He has since become one of the most sought after technicians in the country for his technical abilities with system commissioning, programming, and beta testing on sophisticated intelligent lighting systems. He has harnessed his expertise and dedication to this specialized field into a growing firm based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Yes, we are a small firm, and this makes us approachable, nimble and very responsive to our customers.  

We are looking forward to working with you. We think that you will also feel a difference when working with us here at Knight Sound & Lighting.