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Leviton A2000

The Leviton a-2000D Dimmer Cabinet uses an intelligent central control card (Digital Main Control Module), enabling the dimmers in this system to dim and control virtually any incandescent or fluorescent lighting load. The software can tell a dimmer module whether it is to be a dimmer or a non-dim, tell it what type of fluorescent dimmer ballast it will operate, and set up the required parameters to properly drive virtually any type of fluorescent dimmer ballast. You can use three different types of control input signals, Luma-Net III, DMX512 and 0-10VDC (with optional Analog Card) to control the dimmers. The LCD display provides an easy user interface.

The a-2000® is a compact, high-performance dimming cabinet that combines theatrical grade performance with the ability to control a wide variety of architectural load types. It is an ideal solution for applications such as cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, ballrooms, and all spaces requiring a single dimming source for a broad range of loads. The a-2000‘s modular design enables rapid servicing of both dimming modules and control electronics.

Knight Sound & Lighting can service your Leviton A2000 dimming system and provide replacement parts.