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Here is a small listing of some of the customers we've been privileged to work with over the years as well as their comments regarding Knight Sound & Lighting. Scroll down to read reviews and testimonials - thank you!

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"I called Knight Sound and Lighting because the ENR96 dimmer rack at out church in Texas had lost it's programming during a storm. I found them while doing an internet search. I emailed a synopsis of the issue and got a response right away with suggestions on how to solve the issue. The suggestions were right on the money and after following the step by step instructions, out lighting problem was solved. Great tech support, nice people, highly recommend this company."

"Our church has an older light-dimming system that started going haywire one day. A call to GoKnight helped us diagnose the issue, find a workaround to get us through the upcoming Sunday, send the faulty part off for repair, and receive it back in just a couple of days, repaired! Would definitely recommend this helpful company."

"10 STARS!!!  The venue I run has an old Strand lighting system that unfortunately has been limping to the finish line over the last few years, and reached the point where we really could not get the motherboards or repair work done any more. An employee of mine worked on researching this issue and found the Johnson Systems retrofit for the Strand units I was using. Johnson in turn put us in touch with Knight Sound and Lighting who we arranged to perform the work here in California. All through the process Knight were fantastic to work with - very clear and prompt communication from start to finish. Matthew REALLY knows his stuff and was able to install everything, including multiple wall presets whilst negotiating a couple power issues we had to deal with. He was informative, patient, and a pleasure to work with. He gave us a training which was clear and memorable, even for someone like me who has a hard time remembering things. Since his training I've been able to do a large amount of programming with no problems and the system works perfectly. The actual system itself, the CD-3000+, and the Presidor Wall Stations are awesome. The wall stations are beautifully designed, intuitive, with more functions that I could ever need, yet very easy to understand and use. You can go deep into it's functionality, or keep it very simple when having multiple users who only need basic operations.  So I can HIGHLY recommend the product they provided, but mostly I can recommend THEM as an outstanding company whom I would work with again in a second. Thank you Matthew, Heather and all!!"  - UC Santa Cruz

"The service that we received from Knight Sound and Lighting is unparalleled. Because of turnover, our own lighting system was a bit of a mystery to us. Stacy and Mark understood our needs, explained our system, offered extremely responsive service and spent lots of extra time helping us reassemble our system. We came in with great uncertainties, but came through the situation as friends! Our church (eFree Sheboygan, WI) gives Knight Sound and Lighting our highest recommendation!" 

"Knight Sound & Lighting assisted with the installation of a new lighting control panel for our facility. The new panel has worked flawlessly! They provided great customer service and an expertise that is second to none. I highly recommend them." 

"I do very few reviews, but Knight Sound and Lighting was so amazing that I compelled to leave a review.
- Extremely helpful when I called and/or emailed with a question. Everyone was very pleasant and courteous on the phone.
- Technically competent and spent time to explain things to me.
- Always left the door open for me to ask additional questions.
- Said what they would do, and did what they said. Fully met or exceeded every commitment.
- Followed up with me to make sure I received the unit and asked if I had any questions.
- They are not my neighbor??
I highly and heartily recommend Knight Sound and Lighting!!"

"Where do I begin. We are a church located in North Carolina and have been using a discontinued dimmer rack for over 14 years. We started having issues with it and as we started to research potential problems we found out that No parts or service was really available to us that we knew of locally. We found go night on the internet. They have been far more than fantastic to deal with. I've had troubleshooting phone calls, emails amd They have overnighted parts to us very quickly. The communication has been awesome through the process as I am only a volunteer and did not have ample time to deal with some of these issues. I highly recommend them for any of your technical needs." 

"Knight Sound and Lighting has been extremely helpful in return our lighting system to its normal operation. We are pleased with their quick response and knowledge of the system. I highly recommend them for anyone having issues with a Leviton system." 

"I knew nothing about a microphone system that our organization was in need of. I contacted Knight Sound & Lighting they took the time with me explaining different systems and how to find the one I needed. Stacy emailed me what they had in stocks. I purchased the system and have not been disappointed. This company is like your friend and takes the time to educate you on things you know nothing about.
I will always recommend this company to anyone in need of sound or lighting systems.
A very satisfied customer" 

"I cannot say enough about this company. We've had a training session and consultation with them and the attention they give is UNLIKE ANY OTHER! I highly recommend them for your lighting and sound needs. They know what they're talking about!" 

"Customer service was always prompt and helpful through a long diagnostic process! They were able to fix the aging component in a timely fashion. Highly recommend!" 

"I contacted Knight Sound and Lighting because the control module in our 22 year old Leviton lighting panel in my church failed and there was no local support. We are in Missouri and found Knight Sound and Lighting on the internet. Even though they are in Ohio, the support we received from Knight was as good as we could have had from a local company. The people at Knight were wonderful to deal with and the technical support was great. I would recommend them without hesitation." 

"I called Knight Sound and Lighting because the ENR96 dimmer rack at out church in Texas had lost it's programming during a storm. I found them while doing an internet search. I emailed a synopsis of the issue and got a response right away with suggestions on how to solve the issue. The suggestions were right on the money and after following the step by step instructions, out lighting problem was solved. Great tech support, nice people, highly recommend this company." 

"Knight Sound & Lighting is an absolute pleasure to deal with! Their customer service is amazing and they deliver products at a fair price within a promised time frame. I highly recommend them" 

"I reached out to this company to purchase some very obscure replacement parts for the almost twenty-year-old light switches at our church. Kathryn Housel, Knight Sound and Lighting's customer experience manager, went above and beyond to find the parts for me, and did so in a very timely manner. Their customer service is top-knotch!"  

"Thank you all so much!  We got them working!  I am so thankful you all helped me out on such short notice!   I have never done anything with stage lighting before and was feeling totally helpless. Thanks to Ed's phone call I was able to get the two machines (don't know the correct names) talking to each other, and now with Marks instructions we managed to actually make the lights work nicely. I also wanted to thank Veronica for telling me about the filters - we played with them a bit too and it really makes a big difference. Thanks also to the nice person that answered the phone and understood my panic and got you all to help me.  We live in a beautiful small town and our school population keeps getting smaller, but we still like the graduating students to get the feeling of a special ceremony and lighting does so much to set the mood.  We only have 34 grads this year but due to COVID they still have to have individual ceremonies with only immediate family.  The staff wanted to use the lights to create a more intimate and still official ceremony feel and with your help we got it!  Again, thank you all so much."  Kim Lavigne (She/Her/Hers) Science Teacher  

"I can’t thank you enough for your advice. Once I understood that the (Macro) dimmers were pwm controlled and I had looked up the specs for the LM339 quad comparators, I was able to fully understand how the entire board works and that pretty well focused my attention back to the input diode arrays as the only thing that could be causing this.  Thanks very much for your help! The church (North Scottsdale United Methodist Church) has dodged a very expensive bullet for another few years at least and now has the time to plan for a more modern replacement."  Tim Stumpp, Consulting Engineer, North Scottsdale United Methodist Church

"It has also been a pleasure for us! The crew that did the work was amazing, thorough, and very patient with us. I would most definitely recommend Knight Sound and Lighting to anyone looking to upgrade their sound systems!" Don Grabowy, Music Director, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

"One last thank-you! Knight Sound and Lighting really went above and beyond the expectations of a lighting company to provide stellar service, timely responses and simply get our lights back on. First, our lights are all on.  You helped our electrical tech understand how to operate and program old equipment. You spend time with us and talked us through stuff. The person in our organization who knew the most about this system is no longer able to help us with our own technology.  Mark has helped us start over and feel confident about where to turn for help.  We truly feel that we've made new friends through this process.  Second, we went from "dark" and "doubting" to lights on with confidence in just 8 days.  We had to mail parts all over the country.  But Stacy, Mark and our own tech, Ryan, truly rose to the occasion.  It seems, "thank-you" is insufficient. But that is where we will at least begin. Thank-you so very much!   Great, great work!"  Jon MacDonald, Sheboygan eFree Church 

"You guys have been awesome. Matt was a huge help and called me to follow up yesterday. We got the fan and got everything working, your service has been amazing. I will absolutely keep doing business with you for as long as I am doing this kind of work!"  Jeramy LaCompte, The Bayou Church 

“We manage a handful of venues in Los Angeles with aging Colortran dimming. Knight Lighting and Sound have proven to be a truly remarkable partner, offering exceptional expertise and technical support in the critical moments when we’ve faced show stopping issues or needed factory service. The team at Knight Lighting treats us like family and have made themselves available to support us in our hour(s) of need!" Darrell Smith, Kungpow Production

"This was a big project that needed a lot of coordination between all parties. Knight Sound & Lighting sent a very friendly and knowledgeable technician to assist with the more complicated parts of the upgrade. After the new system was installed, they took the time to listen and implement some new ideas on how to operate the system. Now we have a lighting system that is up to date, more advanced and easier to use. We couldn’t be happier with the product and the service Knight Sound and Lighting has provided.”  Gino Meyer, Manager of A/V Technology/ CenturyLink Center (Omaha, NE)/ Upgrade from MicroLite 1000R to ILC LightLEEDer

"Thanks again to you all, I have been talking you up to my staff, and some of my peers at other schools, for you all represent your company extremely well and this day and age I very impressed with just good service, but you all are in the excellent range! Again thanks!"  B Whitfield, Office of Information Systems/ University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)/ Colortran Viewpoint programming tech support

"I do not have any more questions but would like to thank you and your team for the support over the phone while diagnosing the system. It proved very helpful in resolving the problem. I will definitely keep Knight and Sound in mind for all future projects that I have involving theatrical lighting and dimming components. Thanks again for your help."  M. Barnett, Project Manager/ ABM/ Colortran I24 dimming system issue with the controller not dimming

"You guys restored my faith in humanity...and it was so nice to have easy customer support without having to give a credit card first.....and it was like a breathe of fresh air!"  Lowell/Tech Support Call regarding Colortran Status 24/48 lighting console 

"I have had nothing but positive feedback regarding the light installation. Thank you for providing such excellent service." 
- Sarah P./ Northeast Ohio VA Healthcare System (Cleveland, OH)/Custom lighting controls installation

"We enjoy our relationship and fine service that you provide."  - Berne Bloom, Technical Director/Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, August Wilson Center (Pittsburgh, PA)

"We here at the UH-Hilo Performing Arts Center would like to express our gratitude in you and your staff's ability to get us this fan in such a timely fashion.. . .Not being able to replace the fan and finishing off the run of the show with limited lighting would have been a catastrophic way to finish [our run of Evita]. . . here at UH-Hilo.  But, thanks to you folks this didn't happen and most were none the wiser!!"  - Rob Abe & the cast & crew of Evita/UH-Hilo Performing Arts Center (Hilo, HI)

"Thank you for all your help. It was great working with you. Our refurbished unit is working like new! Altaf Bhatti, Senior Stationary Engineer/Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)/Viewpoint LCD repair

"I would just like to say thank you to you and your company for working with me on the scheduling and completion of the Lighting Controls. You and your team were very helpful and easy to work with which was a blessing. So thank you!"  Justin K./Weekes Construction

"You have been VERY helpful! I am so happy that I found the conversation (Why do my LED lights flicker?) online! The frustration has subsided….  You’re the best!"  

"Thank you so much for your recommendation! Mark Knight was up today and resolved our issues in short order. I am very pleased with the total service I received from Knight Sound and Lighting."  Wayne County Airport Authority