We can service, repair or retrofit your existing Microlite lighting control system.

For many years, Microlite successfully manufactured relay controls -- mostly for sports venues and arenas. Musco Sports Lighting purchased Microlite as a control system for its sport and arena lighting.  Today, Musco does continue to support a few Microlite products, but some have been discontinued (Update! All Musco support for Microlite systems will end January 1, 2020). Knight Sound & Lighting is your source for Microlite relays, Microlite breakers, Microlite control cards, Microlite computers and other hard to source Microlite parts.    

*NEW* We now also offer a field-tested retrofit package for aging Microlite systems. Please contact us at info@goknight.com for details. Microlite systems can now be updated with the ILC LightLeeder Drop-In Retrofit. The ILC systems are manufactured in the USA and update all technology with new components without having to remove the physical enclosure, conduit, or wiring from your existing system. The ILC Retrofit also provides for compatibility with operating systems up through Windows 10, as well as control via Android and Apple devices.    

ILC LightLEEDer for Microlite - Retrofit Conversion Process 
ILC LightLEEDer Retrofit for Microlite - Overview and Specifications 
ILC LightLEEDer for Microlite - Retrofit Instructions 

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