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Johnson Systems Strand CD80 Rack Retrofits

Strand CD80 Retrofits/Upgrades

Two options for system retrofit exist for many legacy dimming systems. Both options provide a fast and easy long-term solution that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

OPTION #1 • New for 2010, the 3000 Series products deliver exceptional state-of-the-art performance at a very low cost. Designed for applications where a DMX or Ethernet front end is required, these feature laden systems deliver powerful performance and install in minutes. JSI CD-3000 Dimming Control System

OPTION #2 • The original 2000 Series offers a full system retrofit for applications where it is desirable to re-use existing house control wiring and back boxes. When used with our 2800 Series retrofit controls (refer to page 9), the on-board architectural software functions and features eliminate the need for a separate house light control system and provide unparalleled value! JSI CD-2000 Dimming Control System     

CD-3000 or CD-2000?