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Repair v Refurb v New

What's the difference between a "repaired" product and a "refurbished" product and a "new" product?


  • If you are purchasing a "repair," this means you have a product that is not working and you are going to ship it to us for repair. We will repair that very same unit and ship it back to you.  You must ship to us the bad/non-working unit and we will then repair it.
  • We typically repair products that have been discontinued from original manufacturing. This means that the product is not available for purchase as a new unit because it is no longer manufactured. 
  • We do repair a select few products that are still being actively manufactured. The reason to repair a product instead of replace with a new or refurbished unit (when a new or refurbished unit is an option) is because the repaired product is less expensive than a refurbished or new product.


  • If you are purchasing a "refurbished" unit, this means we will ship you a factory-refurbished unit.  
  • You do not need to ship us your bad product first
  • A refurbished unit is a unit that has been restored to full functionality. It is not a new product, but rather is a refurbished unit. 
  • A refurbished unit is different than a repaired unit, because you will not be providing us with a unit to repair.
  • Most refurbished units carry a 90-day warranty, so you should check them for proper function as soon as received. Warranty may vary from product-to-product.  Check the individual product listing for details.


  • A new product is a brand, new product in the original manufacturer packaging 
  • Unless otherwise noted as a repaired or refurbished unit, all items on are new products