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Customer Service Questions

1.  What if my order is delayed?

Every order placed on should ship within the designated time frame as dictated at the product level within the store.  For instance, some items say that they "typically ship in 2 to 3 days".  An item is considered delayed in shipping out if it is released after the latest date in the time frame designation (which in this example would be 3 days).  If the order is delayed in being shipped out to you, then we will contact you via email or phone to discuss the order.  You will have the option at that point in time to keep the order as an active order or to cancel the transaction.  You can also decide if you would like a partial order to ship out or if you would like to hold for a full order (if you have ordered more than one item).  If your order is of an urgent nature then we can discuss expedited shipping so that your order will arrive within your required time specifications.

2.  What if my order doesn't arrive?

All orders will be shipped using a trackable shipping service.  This means that both parties will have access to shipping tracking information to track the real-time status of the order. If your order does not arrive to you and the tracking information also indicates that the order has not arrived, then we will work together to resolve the situation.  In some instances, the package may be delayed in the package delivery system and we would politely request that you allow a little more time for the package to arrive.  If it appears that the package has been lost or shipped to the wrong address, then we will send you a new order.  We would expect you to return to us any shipment believed delayed or lost that does actually arrive to you.

3.  What if my order is incorrect?

If we ship the wrong items to you, then we will pay for return shipment of the items to our offices.  We will also offer you a full refund on your original order or we will ship to you a second delivery with the proper items.  This choice would be up to you.

If the items that you ordered do not meet your specifications (meaning that we did ship you what you ordered but the items ordered don't work for your purposes), then you can return to us for a full refund within 60 days any unopened, unused item.  The buyer would be responsible for the cost of return shipment on items that are being returned at the buyer's discretion.  

4.  What if my order is damaged?

If you receive in your order and it is damaged, then please contact us immediately so that we can remedy the situation.  It is possible that damage may occur due to the shipping process or could be an original manufacturer defect.  If there is damage or suspected damage, it is always helpful to take pictures of the package and its' contents upon receipt.  If the order is damaged due to no cause of your own, then we will send you a new product in exchange for your return of the damaged product.  We will pay for return shipping if you need to return to us a damaged good.

5.  What do I do if I need a warranty repair?

There are two different approaches to processing a warranty repair.  First things first - to be eligible for a warranty repair you will need to fill out and send all applicable warranty information to the original manufacturer.  Warranty information and warranty cards are contained within the product packages.  If you have filled out the warranty information and are eligible for a warranty repair then you can either send the item directly to the manufacturer for repair or you can process the warranty repair through  For warranty repairs, please contact us at 1-866-4KSL-YES so that we can take a history of the problems occurring with the item and assign to you a warranty repair number so that your repair can be processed.  The buyer is responsible for the cost associated with shipping a product in for warranty repair.  In some instances, the original manufacturer may cover the cost of this inbound shipping. 

6.  What is the warranty for my product?

Every product has unique warranty information.  You can research product specific warranty information on the item detail page for most of our product listings.  Most Audio-Technica products are warrantied for one year (or longer) from the date of purchase.  Again, the warranty is item specific.  Most Lee Filters gel sheets are not under warranty by the original manufacturer.  If your product does include a warranty, then the warranty information will arrive in the product package.  It is the buyer's responsibility to fill out all related warranty information and send it to the appropriate parties.  We will send you an invoice with your order as proof of purchase and date of purchase validation.