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Audio-Technica Questions

 1.  Why are there so many different types of headphones?

Audio-Technica offers a wide range of headphones to fit a myriad of applications and budgets.  They have headphones designed for studio musicians, professional singers, sportscasters, broadcasters, audiophiles, athletes, and people who like to wear a good pair of headphones.  

2.  What is the best type of microphone for my application?

This question can be answered very simply or it can be very involved.  There are several different factors used in determining the best microphone for you. 

  • What is your budget?  
  • What are you amplifying? 
  • Are you recording instruments or vocals? 
  • Do you need a wired or wireless microphone?
  • What type of power source will you be using?
  • What other components are involved in the sound system?
  • Is this a live event?  

These are some of the questions you will need to think through to purchase the right type of microphone for your application.  We are more than willing to help you think through the microphone selection process.

 3.  What is the warranty on Audio-Technica products?

The typical warranty for Audio-Technica products is one year.  This being said, the Audio-Technica warranty can vary from product to product.  When you purchase a new Audio-Technica product it comes with a warranty card from Audio-Technica stating the particular warranty of the item.  You should complete the warranty card and return it to Audio-Technica when you receive your product to ensure the fastest response if you ever should encounter a problem. (Knight Sound & Lighting) will enclose an invoice with your shipping package as proof of purchase from an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

4. What if I my Audio-Technica product encounters problems and the warranty period has expired? Can I have my product repaired if something happens?

Knight Sound & Lighting is an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.  Luckily, we are also located only 5 minutes away from Audio-Technica's North American Headquarters in Stow, Ohio.  You can ship an item for repair directly to Audio-Technica or you can ship the item to us here at Knight Sound & Lighting and we will facilitate the repair for you.

5.  What do I do if I have a wireless system with an outdated frequency or one that is illegal due to the new FCC laws?

If you have a system that operates within the 700MHz range, you will need to replace it.  Unfortunately, Audio-Technica does not currently offer rebates, repairs, or replacements for systems in the 700MHz frequency range.  If you have a manufacturer other than Audio-Technica, you should refer to their technical services division for help.  Audio-Technica does offer a new line of wireless units which are fully FCC compliant.

6. Can I use an older Audio-Technica wireless microphone on a newer system and vice versa?

Yes, you can use older microphones on a newly purchased wireless system and you can also buy a new microphone for an older system as well.  The connectors have remained the same, allowing the microphones and wireless systems to be compatible with each other.

7.  Can I use an Audio-Technica wireless microphone on the system of another manufacturer (something other than Audio-Technica)?

Yes, Audio-Technica offers microphones that fit Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, Telex, HME, and Swintec wireless systems.  We would be happy to help you figure out if you have a system that is compatible.

8.  I have questions about Audio-Technica Turntables.  Where can I find answers?

Audio-Technica has a video library on its YouTube Channel:  Audio-Technica Turntable Video Playlist

You can also find a wealth of information on Audio-Technica's website (Pro Tip!The question and answer sections attached to each product are helpful!)

Of course you can always call us toll-free at 866-457-5937!

9. California Buyers:  Prop 65 - Please read HERE.