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Read some of Knight Sound & Lighting's great blog articles. These are sorted by major theme for your convenience.

LED Lighting

  1. Options for Integrating LEDs into an Existing Dimming System
  2. Important Items to Consider When Upgrading to LED Stage Lighting
  3. How Do I Convert My Existing Dimmable House Lights to LEDs for Auditoriums, Churches, Meeting Rooms, Schools & Theatres?
  4. Why Are My New LED Lights Flickering on the Dimming System?
  5. Easy LED Fixes for Strip Lights
  6. Using LEDs to Convert Traditional Stage Lighting Fixtures to LED Stage Lighting Fixtures
  7. Common Issues with LED Lamps and Dimming
  8. Cost Savings of LEDs over traditional light bulbs (incandescent, quarts and even fluorescent lamps)
  9. All about ETC LED Light Based Light Engine Lighting Fixtures
  10. ETC S4WRD Retrofit: LEDs, Line-Voltage Dimming, DMX and Color Temperature
  11. How do you get the most lumens possible from an ETC S4WRD Retrofit Kit?

Lighting Controls

  1. ControlKeeper Relay System Replacement Parts
  2. NSI Lighting Controls Dimmers and Lighting Consoles - Where Did They Go?
  3. Macro Electronics Dimming & Control - Where Did They Go?
  4. What Are "Energy Monitoring" and "Demand Response" and Why Should I Care?
  5. Retrofits for Strand Dimming & Control Systems - Johnson Systems
  6. Interactive Technologies:  Wireless Control, Computer Interfacing, and Replacement Control Stations That Can Use the Existing Control Wires
  7. ILC Quanta Elite Can Be Upgraded With ILC LightLEEDer
  8. Leviton Remembrance Stations are Discontinued from New Production but Existing Units can be Repaired to Full Functionality
  9. Leviton D4200 Control Station
  10. Retrofit available for the ILC (Intelligent Lighting Controls) LightMaster relay panel
  11. Is your lighting system off by 1 hour when daylight savings occurs?  
  12. Replacement dimmer packs for Leviton NSI 2404-CD & 2408-CD commercial dimmer packs
  13. PCI/Leviton/Cooper/Eaton ControlKeeper Digital Switch Control Stations - Replacement Options

Lighting Controls - Colortran ENR and Colortran Viewpoint 

  1. Do I Have to Replace My Colortran ENR (Leviton Topaz) System?
  2. How to Fix a Colortran ENR Dimmer Rack With Airflow Error
  3. Colortran ENR and Leviton Topaz Dimming Rack Fans
  4. Leviton Dimmer Module Model 166-362 2.4kw Dual Dimmer Module
  5. Viewpoint Programming - Everything You Need to Know
  6. Viewpoint Stations - Identifying and Understanding 

Lighting Controls - MicroLite 

  1. Knight Sound & Lighting Upgrades CenturyLink Center in Omaha, NE from MicroLite 1000R Relay System to ILC LightLEEDer
  2. How Do I Fix a MicroLite Card With Non-Functional LED Indicator Lights?
  3. MicroLite Lighting Controls Retrofit - Heinz Field Case Study
  4. MicroLite Relay System User Manuals and Programming Manuals
  5. Troubleshooting Help for MicroLite 1000R Relay Systems with MicroLite 1000 Relay Panels Going Offline
  6. Replacement Computers Available for MicroLite LMX-XP and MicroLite LMS-95 Relay Panel Systems
  7. Retrofit for the MicroLite 1000R, 600R, 500R, 400R, 300R, 200R, and 100R is Available 
  8. Basic reasons to upgrade to a Microlite system to the ILCLightLEEDer Retrofit system

Theatrical Lighting

  1. Everything You Need to Know about Lighting Gel Sheets
  2. Tips on Choosing a New Lighting Console
  3. Knight Sound & Lighting Assists in New Veteran Therapy Room
  4. Knight Sound & Lighting Can Repair the Discontinued ETC SmartFade Lighting Consoles
  5. Why Will My New Lighting Console Not Gain Control of My Existing Colortran ENR (or Leviton Topaz) Dimming System?
  6. Some Useful Resources for Picking the Right Color Gel Sheet for your Application
  7. Lee Filters Fluorescent Sleeves for convenience, warmth and design
  8. Replacement dimmer packs for Leviton NSI 2404-CD & 2408-CD commercial dimmer packs
  9. Basic Theatrical Light Aiming - The Rule of 45 Degrees
  10. All about ETC LED Based Light Engine Lighting Fixtures
  11. How do you choose the ETC S4WRD retrofit kit with the most light output (lumens)?

Professional Sound

  1. Audio-Technica 3000 Series:  Will Parts from the New Version Work with my Older System?
  2. What Do You Mean My Wireless Microphones Are Going to be Phased Out?
  3. Ways to Reduce Sound System Noise To Other Tenants in a Shared Commercial Space
  4. Our Favorite Things 2019!
  5. Dante Basics - What is Dante and What Can it Do for You?
  6. How do I choose a microphone? What's the difference between condenser, dynamic, cardioid, etc.?


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