ControlKeeper Relay Systems Replacement Parts

ControlKeeper Relay Systems Replacement Parts

Posted by Jeff Whitacre on 14th May 2019

Do you have a ControlKeeper lighting control panel with damaged relay cards, override cards, processors, or power transformers? Are you worried that replacement parts are obsolete and that you may need to replace your ControlKeeper lighting control system? Knight Sound and Lighting specializes in finding solutions to keep older systems, like the ControlKeeper, alive and working for years to come. We have a large stock of refurbished ControlKeeper parts that are available for purchase. The ControlKeeper relay panels have been manufactured under many different names including Cooper Lighting ControlKeeper, Leviton ControlKeeper, Eaton ControlKeeper, and PCI ControlKeeper.

ControlKeeper lighting panels are aging and the components of the lighting panel, such as the relay cards, will begin to fail over time. Over the years, we have tried our best to acquire gently-used ControlKeeper parts. When we bring these parts into our warehouse, our technicians clean, refurbish, and test each part in a test jig to make sure all parts have good functionality. Having refurbished stock on hand is important to us because we recognize that many of our clients cannot afford to replace a system completely. Being able to replace individual components of the system instead of replacing the entire system can save thousands.

ControlKeeper relay cards come in a variety of different styles and firmware revisions. Although we try our best to match the replacement relay card with the existing relay cards onsite sometimes our stock of a specific look and firmware version is unavailable. However, do not worry because these relay cards are interchangeable and no matter the style, the relay card should work like new in your ControlKeeper panel. For instance, the PCI ControlKeeper refurbished relay cards with normally open relays that begin with part #54-015031-xx are all interchangeable (the last 2 digits may be 01, 03, 07 or 10). Some of these cards will look slightly different, but will still be compatible in your ControlKeeper system that requires normally open relay cards. Also, the PCI ControlKeeper normally open relay cards can be replaced with the new and currently manufactured Latching Relay Cards for LiteKeeper, SwitchKeeper, WatchKeeper, DMXKeeper, ControlKeeper and ControlKeeper Touch. Consequently, you can replace your ControlKeeper relay cards with refurbished or brand new units.

In addition to ControlKeeper refurbished relay cards, you can also purchase refurbished ControlKeeper override cards, refurbished ControlKeeper processors, and refurbished ControlKeeper power transformers. The ControlKeeper override cards start with the part #54-015051-xx. The ControlKeeper processors are also available in different operating versions. Most override cards are interchangeable without any additional changes. In a few cases, you will have to add an additional part for a NEW override card to be used in your system. This will be determined on a case by case basis. For a full list of all refurbished ControlKeeper parts at, please visit:   PCI ControlKeeper

We have also found that the programming logic cards and override cards for the ControlKeeper system occasionally fail and when they do, you have no way to control the relays in the panel and any communication to that panel will no longer work. We have tested brand-new versions of these logic cards and override cards in preexisting systems and found that they work the same as the older parts. The brand-new logic cards even have a touch LCD screen for programming the logic card, which gives it a more modern, sleeker look. For more information on these cards, you can click the following links:

PCI ControlKeeper Logic Card    PCI ControlKeeper Override Card

Knight Sound and Lighting is here to help with replacement parts for your ControlKeeper lighting panel. We pride ourselves in the ability to find solutions for our customers in order to keep their lighting control systems running in a cost-effective manner. If you have a ControlKeeper System and are looking for replacement parts, new parts, upgrades, or any other technical assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 1-866-457-5937. We would be happy to assist.